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I was nearly paralyzed before I sought chiropractic help. I could not sleep day or night for months on end. Medical Doctors said I had a bad case of nerves and sent me to physical therapy, which only made it worse! My sister referred me to Dr. Stephenson, who determined I had a pinched nerve and immediately began treatment. Within ONE MONTH I was able to get a full nights sleep again! I am now able to play with my grand kids and even jet ski! I thank God for the Chiropractic Care I received and would definitely recommend Dr. Stephenson to anyone!!

Chiropractors Bryan
Lucy V.

I had lost hope of ever being able to be without pain. I had been told there was nothing I could do about by back problems. Then, I received a card from a friend inviting me to see her Chiropractor, Dr. Ted Stephenson. During my consultation, as Dr. Ted began to explain by condition and what he as a Chiropractor could do, I began to believe there may be hope. And now through my Chiropractic plan of care, I do have life again! I can sit through an entire church service! I can ride in the front seat of the car beside my husband, instead of having to lie down in the back seat. I can once again enjoy life!

Bryan Chiropractor
Virginia A.

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